6. By Candle Light


The aquarium at the Dubai Mall, with the reflection of CandeLite candy shop appearing on the glass. It’s funny because there are signs everywhere stating “no photographs allowed” of the candy shop, which is located across from the aquarium. And ok, this is not really “by candle light, but that’s what I think of every time I see their sign.

34. Passage Ways

PassagewaysThis photo was taken at Cafe de Tacuba in the Centro Historico in Mexico City. We were walking around all the various rooms of the restaurant, when I noticed the waitress making her way from one room to another.  I have never taken so many photos inside of a restaurant before…Amazing ambiance and food! The coffee was delicious.


44. That’s Dangerous!

While visiting my parents in Florida, we came home to this guy sunbathing on the grass behind their house. Our arrival scared him into the water, but he was keeping a close eye on us. While photographing him, I was thinking about how fast they run and how quickly he could run to reach me. Of course, my parents were inside the lanai…where I should have been as well! Luckily, all he did was watch me.



4. Architecture


I just returned from my summer vacation in the States and Mexico. Despite living in Chicago for several years, I’d never been on the Architecture boat tour or on the ferris wheel at Navy Pier. I did both on this day! I should mention that I’m scared of heights, but it was worth the beautiful views of the city.